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Guest speaker, Tim Szymanski, Public Education and Information Officer for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, gets ready to talk..

Tim Szmanski answers Larry Schoenberg's questions while hosts Leslie Schoenberg and Sue Braun look on.

Hosts Leslie Schoenberg (L) and Sue Braun tend to guest speaker, Tim Szymanski.
Host Leslie Schoenberg tells the BCVV group about future events. (L-R) David and Phyllis Selman, with Edith and David Einhorn.

(L-R) Martin Fessler, Bob Held, and Michele Stern.

(L-R) Ron and Sandy Scher, with Greg Abbott. (L-R) New members Michael and Ronnie Sander with Marty Gold (front). (L-R) Ken Stern with Ellen Held and Jo-Ann Geller.