BCVV Guest Policy

The Policy

  1. You need your event host's permission to bring any guest referenced below
  2. You may bring potential members with both host and co-chair permission.
  3. You MAY bring as guests friends or family who are visiting you, but reside outside the local area (e.g., house guests).
  4. You MAY NOT bring as guests anyone residing inside the Las Vegas Valley.
  5. You may bring as a guest a personal caretaker.
  6. If you need to bring children, we strongly recommend age six (6) or greater. Let the host know the number and ages of your guest children.
  7. Not all events are age-appropriate for all children.
  8. You are totally responsible for all your guests.

Reasons for the Policy

All venues have limited capacity. Restaurant managers need to know as accurately as possible how many people will be attending in order to designate an area for us and schedule enough service staff. Our first duty is to accommodate our own members, yet we need to be fair to members who want to bring visitors. We gave this a lot of thought and have come up with our guest policy. The following is an explanation.

We don't all have out-of-town guests every month, but when we are entertaining, we may want to bring them with us. There is enough flexibility so that a few chairs or even another table can be added as long as there are only a few additional guests.

However, everyone has local family or friends. If we allow everyone to bring their friends, the possible large number of guests threatens chaos.

To be fair to everyone, we ask you not to bring your local friends and family to our events.

If you have local friends with Bronx ties, have them request a free BCVV membership. You can then attend all events together.